Oat and Honey Body Balm

This is an extremely easy body balm recipe that you can make using only 5 ingredients:

½  Cup Coconut oil, ¼ Shea butter 2 Tsp Honey, ¼ cup oats flour and 6/8 drops pure essential oil Sweet Orange. It’s truly so simple and divine!!

Place the coconut oil, sheet butter and honey in a glass bow. Place the bowl in a pan of gently simmering water, and wait until the oil and butter have melted completely. Add oats and essential oil. Mix well and pour into a container. Let it cool for a couple of hours.

The oatmeal bits will sink to the bottom of the container as your cream sets up but that’s ok because all the goodness of the oats are mixed up in your cream.

Little tip, in summer, I like to store my body balms in the refrigerator. I take it out about 10 min prior to my shower so it get’s slightly soft yet remains fresh. It feels great on your skin and its smells wonderful, so much that you almost feel like giving yourself a bite!!  Well I do!